ArtFix is an Android app that lets you browse top-rated art from the Foundmyself art community. Keep track of favorites and share them with the Android community. Get new creative inspiration every day!

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How to use it

After you've downloaded and installed the ArtFix app (search the marketplace for "ArtFix"), run it. Right away you'll be shown an image, along with a few options, shown below.

ZoomZoom tool - downloads a larger version of the image so you can view details better.

EmailEmail this image to your friends.

Get a new art imageGet a new image. Also available by clicking your phone's "Menu" key, or clicking the FM logo at the top left.

Save this pictureSave this image to your favorites.

Remove this pictureRemove this image from your favorites.

Your favorites

Once you've saved an image, you can view your favorites by clicking the "Menu" button on your phone, then "My favorites." To remove an image from your favorites, click its thumbnail, then the remove button as show above.



To share favorites, click the button that reads "Share your favorites." After you've given the set a good title, your images will be publicly viewable in the shared favorites section ("Menu" > Shared favorites).

Other users can then view and rate your list of images. Currently you're only able to create one image set, but we plan on allowing multiple albums in the near future.

Email favorites

Click this button to send the entire favorites album to your friends.

Have fun!

Hope you enjoy this app. Improvements and enhancements are always in the works, so keep posted. Since we host many of the app's files on our server, most upgrades will be done on our side and won't require you to upgrade your app!